Time slots

Due to Covid 19 restrictions, there will only be two sittings available for dining at Thursday to Saturday, 6pm and 8.30pm. All bookings will be allocated a 2 hour time slot, this is in accordance with government guidelines and includes a 30 mins reset/sanitise time. It is important that all bookings are punctual as we have strict time slots to adhere to.

How many guests are in the restaurant at once?

We are only taking 16 people (8 people per room) per time slot. They will not overlap with the second slot. 

Whats 'Pod Dining'?

We can take 'pods' in the back dining room. Or 2 'pods' in the back room spaced 2 metres apart. You can have the whole room to yourselves for two hours.

For more information please contact us directly on: (01) ???? or email us at reservations@clanbrassilhouse.com

For bookings of 4 or less please use our booking widget below, for bookings of 5 or more please contact us directly on: (01) ???? or email us at reservations@clanbrassilhouse.com

How long do we have at the table?

You will have a maximum of two hours at the table. As we only have a set menu, (and therefore reducing ordering time) it is ample time to enjoy your meal at a leisurely pace.

How far apart are the tables?

Our tables are spaced at 2 metres apart.

My voucher was due to expire whilst you were closed. May I still use it?

So we aren't overwhelmed by vouchers in our first few months of opening, we have extended all vouchers due to expire in 2020 by five more years

Pod dining

Check in rules

Staff hygiene

How often do you clean your toilets?

How often do staff wash their hands?

Why did the waiter not pour my wine?

Am I charged if I cancel my table?

We look forward to welcoming you back!